Academic Program

LAW Program

Plus Two in Law program is designed for those students who want to develop their career in the field of              administration and law. Students learn to become competent, confident and academically sound in their area of study and will therefore have the benefit of deciding, at the end of course, what aspects of business management studies would interest them in under graduate programs.

Admission Requirement

Students are required to have completed their SEE Examination or equivalent qualification with a minimum GPA 2.4.

Admission Procedures

Students should apply in the prescribed application form. Selection is based on:

  • Previous Academic Performance
  • Entrance Test Score
  • The entrance test comprises of English, Maths and General Knowledge. Duration of the t


Social Studies
Jurisprudence and Legal Theories
Procedural Law
Constitution Law
Social Studies
Nepalese Legal System
Procedural Law
Criminal Law and Justice


  • Judge
  • Advocate
  • Lawyer
  • Legal Advisor
  • Consular
  • Para Legal Partitioner



Scholarship and Award

RIA provides full and partial scholarships to the deserving candidates from all over the country.

Merit Basis

  • Full Scholarship will be provided to RIA Entrance Topper.
    4.00 100% on Admission, Annual and Tuition Fee
    3.95 - 4.00 100% on Admission and Tuition Fee
    3.90 - 3.95 100% on Admission 75% on Tuition Fee
    3.80 - 3.90 100% on Admission 50% on Tuition Fee
    3.60 - 3.80 50% on Admission 20% on Tuition Fee
    3.20 - 3.60 25% on Admission 15% on Tuition Fee

Need Basic

  • 25% scholarship on Tuition Fee & Admission Fee for First Five Students from minority, marginalized and ethnic communities or from remote areas.
  • 30% scholarship on Tuition Fee for National Players.

Government Scholarship

  • Scholarship given by Local Municipalities according to criteria of Government and scholarship exam