Extracurricular Activities

Club At RIA

Clubs at RIA College are the initiation of students’ who are patronized by the college authorities. Under the banner of these clubs, students carry several activities which interest them. Students organize various activities related to the field of science and technology, arts and literatures, and Management.

Social Services

Bearing social responsibility and acting upon to bring the positive consequences is the best art to explore true humanity within. Keeping the fact onto fore front, we inspire our students to get physically and emotionally involved with the cause of social services. They organize blood donation, involver programs actively in public awareness generation program, dedicate wholeheartedly in rescue and relief operation to the victims of natural calamities, and support for school libraries in remote and rural parts of the country.

Games and Sports

We offer congenial environment for both the indoor and outdoor games and sports to our students. Our students have achieved awards and prizes in numerous national and international competitions. We organize inter and intra college competition and friendly matches to foster the spirit of fraternity among the students.

Co-Curricular Activities

Prior to commencement of academic sessions, we organize orientation classes to the students. In addition, seminars, workshops and conclave are some of the attractions where our students receive appropriate guidance, counseling and support from experts regarding their academics and careers.

Media and Publication

Students at RIA College practice and cultivate their ingrained creativity through active participation in publishing newsletters and magazines on a regular basis. They contribute with the productive output through well researched articles and relevant write-ups.